16 Spiral Cantilever Stair

Spiral Cantilever Stair, Hereford Road, London W2

18 Spiral Cantilever Stair Hereford Road London
Client: Private Client
Main Contractor: OLF
Architect: 23 Architecture
Location: Hereford Road, London W2
Summary: Four flights of spiral cantilevered stair.
Stone: Lymra Limestone (Turkey)
AFJ Scope: Design, detailing, production & installation.

Particular features / achievements:

–       Contemporary clean lines.  Light joints & smooth sweeping soffit.

–       Extending curves of unique early steps create easy flow from landings.


This is a good example where we have combined traditional fix methods with modern production methods, making use of our CNC stone carving machinery, to create this stunning multi-flighted spiral staircase.  We were also responsible for the structural design of the stair as well as generating the final production geometry for the spiral steps, which often included compound curvature (i.e. curving in two directions with a ‘warped’ sweeping soffit) and resulting in a luxury installation to this private dwelling. 


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