Sydmonton Court, Private Residence Carved Entrance, Hampshire


11 Private Residence Carved Window
Client: Private Client

Main Contractor:


Location: Private

Summary: Key-note entrance with feature carved window

Stone: Portland

AFJ Scope: Detailing, carving & installation.

Particular features / achievements:

–       An intricately & exquisitely carved window of classical design.

–       A contemporary entrance door surround with fluting & support to Juliet balcony.

–       Opened by the Duke of Edinburgh (AFJones recognised for our contribution to this extraordinary project).

Through the use of plaster prototyping & mock-ups, AFJones Stonemasons were able to develop the form of the window from an original masterpiece 2-dimensional drawing.  Only through the skill of AFJones master-masons was this project able to be delivered. 

The selection, cutting, transportation, lifting and careful placement of the oversize individual stone elements was a phenomenal achievement in itself.  This project was delivered in the 1990’s, but will always remain as one of our most outstanding achievements.