We have just completed this wonderful sunken garden design at Brompton Square, London, featuring solid Carrara marble benches, with Lipica marble perimeter trim, mowing strip & paviours.

Materials & Finishes: AFJones went to Italy to select the block materials for the project.   The Lipica comes from Chiampo, between Verona & Padua (used extensively & historically in Venice).   Various surface finishes were considered ; a sand-blasted and brushed finish was selected which gives a fantastic soft, worn look and feel.

Geometry:  It is shaped as a ‘bicycle chain’ with two principle radii, and as for all our projects, A F Jones produced the CAD assembly in 3D for production.

After planting and lawn laid, it has produced an oasis of tranquily and elegance in Central London.

A F Jones also undertook a variety of other elements in Portland stone at the property  including 5 sets of external steps,  curved copings & thresholds.