Cantilever Staircase

A .F.Jones Stonemasons design, detail, manufacture & install stone cantilever staircases.  We have an excellent reputation and capability in this type of project having delivered a multitude of such stairs over many years.  Based on our experience, we can assist designers with geometry & detailing, stone selection, embedment & support arrangements, build sequence, lifting requirements and so forth.
From our well-equipped manufacturing yard, we utilise CNC stone cutting & routering machines to create the particular 3D step geometries with smoothly sweeping soffit lines.   We test fit-up in the yard using trial assemblies prior to delivery to site, which is part of our quality service for problem free site installation by our site masons.
When required, we can take-on responsibility for the structural design integrity of the stair assembly onto the primary supporting structural elements.  We always take care to integrate the detailing and geometry, particularly at the landing areas, landing fascias, and balustrade fixings.
Stone cantilever stairs, when done properly, are stunningly elegant and deliver true added value for the properties that contain them.