Routering Stair TreadComplex shaping (by CNC router)

Any shape defined as a 3D drawing (e.g. using CAD, Revit, Rhino, Easystone, Alphacam or any equivalent 3D software), can be machined / produced using our state-of-the-art CNC multi-tool, multi-axis cutting machines (we use both 5-axis & 3-axis machines).

In many cases we combine a ‘first-pass’ CNC machine cutting process, with a ‘second-pass’ hand cutting, working, carving & finishing.  Indeed, every item is hand finished irrespective of the cutting process employed.   So, despite advances in machine cutting technology, the traditional craftsmanship, skill & care of hand working stone remains relevant and as important today as it ever has done.

Examples of our complex shaped objects include window surrounds, fireplaces, balusters, stooled window cills, vousoir arches, finials, ball & sockles, key-stones, stair treads, dentils, moulded string courses and v-notch carved lettering.