This is a Mansion in Hampshire that we have just completed – in Clipsham Stone from the Clipsham Quarry Company.  [Clipsham is part of the Lincolnshire Limestone deposits – it is an oolitic limestone but there is also lots of shell, calcite and pebbles even.  It is very course stone, yet when finished it can ‘glisten’ and has interesting bands of differing colours].

As normal, we visited and specially selected the block for the project, with adequate quality and appropriate sizes.   Here are a couple of blocks in the quarry marked up with ‘AFJ’.

These are the blocks arriving at AFJones Ipsden Yard on a double trailer artic.  24 tons is a standard delivery, and we received well over 100 tons of block for this project.  The project included nearly 100 meters of 3-stacked eaves cornice, cills, plinth, portico & pediment.

This is the curved pediment above the front door portico, still wet from final pointing and sponge down.  You can see the variety of colours and textures of the stone here (render below not yet complete at this stage).

The close up of the cornice reveals the natural banding but also the general beauty of this stone.

Unfortunately for us, the course stone fragments caused havoc with our water filtration plant, and we spent weeks clearing out and replacing the blocked pumps!!

Final completion photos will follow once the exterior is finished and scaffolding removed.

Special thanks to our lead site mason James Fletcher (and the whole team including Trevor Bedwell), and to Paul Stokes and Tim Gash at the Yard for doing battle and triumphing over the Clipsham!