Fruit tree SQSpecialist & Advisory: Your specialist in all matters Stone.

Most projects in natural stone require specialist input to the process of stone selection & specification, conservation or design.  And once in production, specialist workmanship & skills are often required to deliver them.  Below we describe our services under two main headings:

  •    Specialist techniques  (carving, lettering, cleaning, etc)
  •    Advisory Services  (condition surveys, designs, specifications, etc).

Our work draws upon centuries of direct experience in order to help our clients to deliver their visions.

Specialist Techniques

Delivering our projects often incorporates the use of specialist techniques.  Below we describe & illustrate some of these services:

Complex Shaping
Lettering & Engraving
Stone Cleaning & Maintenance


We offer independent advice to clients and their architects, contractors, agents, project managers and other professionals in the following areas:

Condition Survey
New Build Design & Detailing
Conservation Repair
Stone Production Drawings
Structural Design in Stone