Stone Cleaning & Maintenance

External stone typically needs periodic maintenance of one sort or another – it’s important to get expert help to ensure appropriate techniques are specified & adopted, taking account of the condition and/or fragility of the existing stone.  Techniques range from traditional poulticing, lime watering and shelter coating, to ‘JOS’ (abrasive powder vortex) or ‘DOFF’ (superheated steam system).   It is important to avoid saturating the stone sub-surface and to avoid damaging any intact callous surface, to retain the longevity & integrity.  The natural ‘patina’ of old stone is a valuable characteristic that deserves careful treatment.

Cleaning or repair of damaged interiors (such as kitchen worktops, vanity tops, tables, hearths etc), is normally best achieved by removing the item to our workshop for re-polishing or repair work.  This work can vary significantly in scope and approach so do call us to discuss.