We showed the early stages of this project in a previous post.  This is a recently completed cantilevered stone staircase in London.  As promised, here with some images of the final project looking beautiful.

This is a four-flight pure cantilever stone stair in Portland Perryfield Whitbed.  The stair is in a walled shaft with semi-circle shape to one end – around the circular portion, kite-shaped treads are used which are larger tread stones.  The nosings are a bullnose with scotia under detail which is the traditional design choice.

The photo below shows a number of interesting aspects of the project:

The client selected a very shelly Portland which can be clearly seen here.  All Portland stone has shell content to varying degrees; celebrating the ‘naturalness’ by specifically requiring high shell content was refreshing.  It is rare that we reject treads for being ‘too clean’ which we had to do in this case!

The support walls varied between block, brick and a concrete stitch between the two.  Cutting into the concrete stitch area was not much fun!

The photo also shows the steel landing beam at landing level if you look closely.