Jones yard Bedford RoadOur proud history

A.F.Jones Stonemasons is a fifth generation firm, family owned and operated since 1858.  We are proud of our lineage, our strong reputation, and all of the fabulous projects we have delivered.

It is nearly 160 years since the company was originally founded by William Jones in 1858.  His son Arthur Frederick Jones (A.F.Jones) continued the business (1886 – 1927) and established our present trading name.  His son Alan Jones took over the reins in 1926, and worked in the business nearly 60 years until 1984; then his son Graham Jones led the way between 1962 – 2010; then his son Angus Jones who joined the firm in 1992 and who currently leads the business, together with his brother Ken Jones who joined more recently in 2015 having previously been a director of a large Structural Engineering design practice.

The company has always self-invested (in top of the range CNC machinery, in property, & in our staff) to deliver on our promise of top quality work, at best value for money.  We also understand that craftsmanship and knowledge are the foundations of our reputation and success.

The company has always prided itself on providing apprenticeships for staff, and over half of our staff have forged careers from their inception as apprentices in the firm.

We have a culture of perfection and attention to detail.  Equally we are instinctive problem solvers; proactive, pragmatic, and a good partner to work with; we are honest, reliable and provide quality results.

Our associated business E.T.Sheppard Monumental Masons, based in Henley-on-Thames, focusses on the memorials sector (this company was originally purchased by Alan Jones in 1944 but maintains the separate name & brand).

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