Private Shrine

Private Shrine
Client: Private Shrine
Main Contractor: Daedalus
Architect: Caroe Architects
Location: Nr. Newbury, Hampshire
Summary: We crafted this beautiful oval shaped, private (new build) shrine, of exquisite detail. The curved stone walling featuring split face stone, which creates this fine, and deliberate, mixed pattern. The stonemasonry included a tapering and double cushioned plinth in Bath stone, with the lower section of the plinth being tooled (batted) to give an attractive contrast to the rubbed cushions above. The shrine's steps were crafted in York stone with batted nsing and were accompanied by a large landing piece in front of the door. It is oval on plan (constantly changing curvature), with substantial plinth (fully tooled faces and double roll upper), with arched door & window surrounds (thus curve on curve components), York stone fan shaped entrance steps & cills, and featuring a facade in a traditional Cotswold split face walling (varying course heights throughout). This is really and truly a little gem of a building.
Stone: Bath

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