The Belvedere

Private Residence (HWH)
Client: Private Client
Main Contractor: A F Jones Stonemasons
Architect: Jonathan Lees Architects LLP
Location: Oxfordshire
Summary: Natural Stone Awards Winner 2020 - Craftmanship
Stone: York (Woodkirk)

Belvedere’ means ‘bel’ beautiful + ‘vedere’ to see.  This building is certainly a work of art and demonstrates a magnificent full range of Stonemasonry Skills, in design, in manufacture, in carving and in build.

The design is classically inspired by Jonathan Lees Architects using an Arts & Crafts Style inspired by Edwin Lutyens. It centres on the three-quarter engaged fluted entasised Corinthian columns, culminating in a prominent decorative entablature with raking pediment and a decorated Tympanum. There are so many fine details, including ‘bead & reel’ mouldings, ‘egg & dart’ dentils, ‘bluebell & rose’ bosses and ‘voluted scroll’ consoles.

We worked closely with the Architect, taking the pencil sketches to fully worked up and detailed drawings. We selected the York Stone (Woodkirk) and ensured a clean and consistent selection for every piece. Trial carvings were undertaken to test proportions and detail to meet the stringent requirements of the architect. Trial assemblies were undertaken to check all fit up at our workshops ahead of assembly.

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