Portland CarvedFireplaces   

We create, make & fit fireplaces in natural stone to your preferred fireplace design, especially adjusted to fit your particular room, fire or stove size & position, and other requirements.

Design options include Tudor, Elizabethan, Victorian, Edwardian or Contemporary / Bespoke (or indeed any design that you have come across on line, in a magazine or at a friends house).   We have a range of examples at our Ipsden showroom, and these demonstrate not only some of the design configurations, but also stone material options (medium or fine grained limestones, tint & colour).

We can even personalise your fire surround through the incorporation of carvings, engravings or simply  your preferred detailing.  The hearth piece can be designed, selected & specified separately to work with the fire surround design, the type of grate or stove to be adopted.

Key dimensions of the design can be adjusted to fit the chimney breast and fire opening arrangement in place.  The height, width and detailing of the mantle shelf can be adjusted for preferred projection and appearance.

Please ask for a quotation since the price will depend upon at least the following main variables:

  • Main dimensions (defines the general component size & volume of stone material).
  • Preferred Stone material (e.g. Portland, Bath, Anstrude, Caen and so on).
  • Detailing complexity (e.g. carving and profiling).
  • Hearth piece (if needed).
  • Templating & fitting service (if requested / required).

No matter what you select, our service will always include:

  • A preliminary design sketch (no obligation) to summarise primary choices and as a basis for our initial quotation.
  • After order, a developed design / production drawing (in CAD) for your review & approval.
  • A set of stainless steel pins & fixing brackets for safe installation / assembly & restraint.

A tailor made stone fireplace will bring elegance and pleasure to your home. Please get in touch to discuss the options available.

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