We produce hearths of all types, designed to suit & made to measure. We’ve made thousands of them since we opened in 1858.

In our pricing tool below, you can create & order your hearth by choosing from our most popular hearth materials, for the size required. However, for any situation more complicated or for other choices, please do call us – the options are endless.

We provide a full service comprising template, manufacture, delivery with installation. If you prefer we can provide a supply only service with or without delivery. Do let us know which service you require.

The most common types are either ‘black’ (slate or granite) or ‘white’ (fine grained limestone). However, any natural stone can be selected of any colouration, and they can be made from marble, granite, slate, limestone, or sandstone. See our stone type descriptions and our further technical advice for more information to assist you.

Your choice of hearth material may also be linked to your chosen fire surround – see also our range of natural limestone fire surrounds.

Geometry can be either simple (rectangular), or extended under the fire basket / burner zone (T-shaped). However any size & shape is possible – indeed templating to fit is not only advisable, but often an essential part of the process.

30mm is the most common thickness adopted. However any thickness is possible and 20mm is quite common. The pricing tool is set up for 30mm but please ask us for other options. See also our technical guidance – material selection may influence thickness.

Two Piece “T”

Single Piece “T”